Miguel Roldán (ceuta 1961)

Architect (ETSAB-UPC, 1988)
Director of Architecture for Exchange Programs for Architecture Schools between the Barcelona Architecture Center and the following universities:
- Texas A&M University, USA, since 2000.
- Clemson University, USA, since 1999.
- Japan Program: Chiba University, Shibaura Institute, Toyo University, Tama Art
University, Keio University, among others, since 2012.
- CEDIM, Monterrey, Mexico - since 2014.
- ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico - since 2002.
- Université de Montréal (Canada), 2003.
- Universidad Iberoamericana de México, 2001.
"Thomas A. Bullock Endowed Chair in Leadership and Innovation" 2012-2013 at Texas A&M University.
Collaboration with the following Universities:
- Washington University in Saint Louis, since 2012.
- University of New South Wales, Australia, since 2012.
Coordination of the First year Master program in Architecture at Texas A&M University, 2013
Coordination "Here and There" design studio Projectos IX-X at Escola Tècnica Superior d' Arquitectura de Barcelona, ETSAB, 2013.
Local Coordination of International Urban Design Studio, Faculty of the Built Environment Graduate Program in Urban Development & Design, University of New South Wales, in Barcelona, 2012.
Member of the Architecture Commission for the Managment of Hàbitat Urbà of the Barcelona City Council, since 2012.
Collaboration for scheduling seminars between the Barcelona Architecture Center and l'Escola Sert in the area of the European urban architecture of Spain and Catalonia.
Professor of the Master of Architecture and Critics ETSAB, 2006.
Permanent Professor at BAC Barcelona Architecture Center, Barcelona, since 1998.
Adjunct Professor of the School of Architecture, Clemson University, USA, since 2000.
Adjunct Professor of the Architecture Department, Texas A&M University (TAMU) USA, since 2000.
Visiting professor: Short-term invited professor at the CEDIM, School of Architecture, Monterrey, Mexico, 2014.
Visiting professor: Master of Architecture, Arch 606 Architectural Design II at Texas A&M University. Spring semester 2013.
Associate Professor of the Projects Department at the ETSAB, 1994-2000.
Codirector of the Glenbow-ras exhibition, 2000.
Speaker at the Netherlands Architecture Institute Congress in Rotterdam, 1999.
Director of the Groundcontrol Barcelona Fast workshop, 1999.
Director of Intspace, Calgary and Barcelona. Faculty of Environmental Design, 1999.
Codirector of FIPSE/EC International Architectural Education Georgia Tech International Atelier, Atlanta, USA, 1999.
Coordinator and professor of the ESARQ-UIC Project Area, 1997-2000.
Director of Teaching Policy at ESARQ-UIC and member of the ESARQ-UIC Management Board, 1997-1999.
Guest Professor at the Abroad Stage Barcelona of the Architecture Program of the Faculty of Environmental Design at Calgary University (Canada), 1998.
Magister Landscape Architecture course professor, 1991-1998.
Coordinator of the Students Exchange for the Energamed and Erasmus Programs, Facoltá di Architettura del Politecnico di Milano and Münich TU, 1996-1997.
Guest Professor for the Abroad Stage Paris-Nice at Tulane University, 1997.
Associate Professor of the Urbanism and Distribution of Territory Department at the ETSAB: Urbanism I, 1988-1989 and 1992-1994.
Professor of the Postgraduate Course Jardineria i Paisatge (Gardening and Landscape) at Barcelona's Agronomic Engineering School, 1990-1993.
Awarded a scholarship by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas as an FPI (Scholarship for Researchers' Training) in the Urbanism and Territory Distribution Department at the ETSAB, 1988-1992.


Mercè Berengué (bcn 1962)

Architect (ETSAB-UPC, 1989)
Representative of the district of Barcelona in the Agrupació d'Arquitectes Urbanistes de Catalunya since 2007.
Deputy member of the Technical Communication Commission for Regional Planning in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in representation of the COAC since 2012.
Representative member of the COAC in the juries of Final Studies Projects.
Member of Arquitectes x l'Arquitectura.
Board member of the Consejo Rector de la Cooperativa de Arquitectos "Jordi Capell" since 2002.
Member of the Agrupació Arquitectura i Sostenibilitat del COAC.
Member of the Associació d' Arquitectes Urbanistes de Catalunya.
President of the thesis jury of Escola Tècnica i Superior d'Arquitectura La Salle, 2015.
Member of the thesis jury of the ETSAB, 2003-2004.
Trained at SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) and Frank Gehry's offices in Chicago, 1989-1990.
Director of the "Àrea de Coneixement d'Urbanisme-Territori, ESARQ-UIC" (Area of Knowledge in Urbanism-Territory, ESARQ-UIC), 1997-2000.
Architect and Urbanist at the Barcelona City Council Planning Services, 1992-1997.
Teaching collaborator in the Doctorate Program El sentit de l'Arquitectura Moderna (The sense of Modern Architecture) supervised by Helio Piñón, 1989-1993.
Associate professor in the Department of Architectural Projects at the ETSAB, Projects II 1992-1993.
Scholarship from the Generalitat for FPI (Scholarship for Researchers' Training) in the Department of Architectural Projects at the ETSAB 1989-1993.