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Rehabilitation of five housing units in Vila de Madrid Sq. 2020

Reform of the communal areas and the dwellings of the building located in Plaza Vila de Madrid 10, Barcelona

Marroc 180 2020

Restricted competition for the construction of 46 social housing units in Marroc Street, Barcelona

Palla 25 & Boters 6 2019

Reform of a shop and a house to create 2 new homes

Fabra & Coats 2019

Designing and building supervision of the rehabilitation of a building in the old Fabra i Coats manufacturing complex

Habitatges Palamós 2017

Restricted competition for the construction of 100 social housing units in Palamós Street, Barcelona

Illa Glòries 2016

Competition for the redaction of the PEIMU and the designing and building supervision of 294 housing units, parkings and commercial spaces in the Illa Glories, Barcelona

Lluís Borrassà 2016

Restricted competition for the construction of 100 social housing units in Palamós Street, Barcelona

Habitatges Chapí 2015

Construction of 19 housing units and parking and renovation of an historic single-family home at Martí and Alsina Streets, Chapí i Vent, Barcelona

40 houses in Altafulla 2015

Construction of 40 houses-courtyard in Platja del Canyadell, Altafulla

Comte Borrell 2014

Restricted competition for the construction of 36 social housing units, a daycare center and parking in Comte Borrell Street, Barcelona

Tour BEPOS Danube 2013

Schematic Design for a BEPOS Residential Building in Strasbourg, France

Ali Bei 2012

Restricted competition for designing and building supervision of 22 accommodation flats and 45 apartments in Barcelona.

Torre Plaça Europa 2010

An apartment block of 75 units in Plaça Europa, L'Hospitalet, Barcelona

Masrampinyo 2009

An apartment building with 42 units for youths and 28 parking places in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona

Colònia Sedó Nova Planta 2008

Construction of over 53 homes at the industrial colony Sedó, in Esparraguera, Barcelona

Hospital Militar 2008

Construction of an apartment building with 42 dwelling units on the Avinguda Hospital Militar, Barcelona

Colònia Vidal 2007

Urban design competition of an industrial colony in Puig-Reig, Barcelona

Habitatges Els Munts 2006

Desenvolupament del projecte d’edificació i espai lliure de les parcel·les 2, 3 i 4 compreses en el Pla Parcial 'Els Munts' UP-PP2 Subsector 1 d’Altafulla.

m&m houses 2001

Two single-family houses. Mercè Rodoreda Bellaterra, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona

Arús-Vilassar 1995

Building with 9 dwelling units and 80 parking spaces

Ca les Munnares 1994

Building with 19 dwelling units, commercial space and parking spaces

Formentor 1991

Building of 6 dwelling units and commercial space