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public buildings

Mollet Institute 2023

in progress. Substitution of the C Building in Mollet Institut, Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona

Rambla 124 2020

Project of reform of the ancient Joan Serra House to a commercial use

Colla Castellera Jove de Barcelona HQ 2019

Renovation of the warehouse c. Parellada of the factory complex as the headquarters of the Colla Castellera Jove of Barcelona
Project in conjuntion with the construction of 50 flats

Library and Cultural Center at Caldes de Malavella 2018

in progress. Construction of the new Library and Cultural Center in Caldes de Malavella, Girona

Biblioteca Palau-Solità i Plegamans 2017

Finalists. Competititon for the municipal library in Palau-Solità i Plegamans

Fireman Museum. Fire Prevention Center BCN 2016

Design and building supervision for the adaptive re-use of the old Poble Sec fire station to a fire safety and prevention center and museum.

Montjuïc Castle 2014

Competition for the definition of architectural criteria for intervention in the different areas of the castle, and for the restoration of the outer grounds of the Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona

CEIP Trinitaris 2014

Expansion and adaptation of the ancient House of Charity for a school in Vic, 2nd phase.

Vil·la Urània Equipment 2013

3rd Prize Open Competition. Renovation and Extension of a Mixed-Use Building in Sarrià neighbourhood

El Pinar Community Center 2013

New community center in Rubí, Barcelona

Col·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya 2013

Construction of the Catalan Institute of Economists HQ

Health Care Center Sant Andreu 2011

Health Care center in Sant Andreu, Barcelona

CEIP Antoni Grau 2010

Competition project for Antoni Grau i Minguell Elementary School

La Escocesa 2010

Rehabilitation and Construction of offices, 8 loft houses and creativity spaces in the Nau 7 of the Industrial Complex La Escocesa, 22@, Barcelona

Health Center at La Garriga 2010

Construction of a Primary Assistance Center in La Garriga, Barcelona

Església Trinitaris 2010

Renovation of the Church of the Trinity Order to a polyvalent hall in Vic

Residència Ca n'Oliveres 2009

Health Care Facility center for intelectual disability people in Esplugues de Ll., Barcelona

Complexe Casa Caritat 2009

Reform of the Ancient House of Charity to a polyvalent hall and a Center for Civic Organizations in Vic

Arts Academy 2009

Open competition for an Academy of Arts in Split

University of Zadar Library 2009

Open competition for the construction of a new Library, in the University of Zadar, Croatia

CEIP L'Amistat 2008

Construction of an infant and primary school in Figueres, Girona

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce 2007

Competition for the construction of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce HQ

CEIP L'Agulla 2006

Construction of an elementary school en El Catllar, Tarragona

Rubí +D 2005

Urban development of the new centrality of Rubí, Barcelona

Ford Calumet Environmental Center 2004

International competition for an environmental studies center in the Hegewish Marsh Park, Chicago, USA

Barcelona Activa 2004

Construction of the new center for Barcelona Activa, and of the 'City of New Occupations'

IES Alt Berguedà 2003

Construction of a secondary school in Bagà, Barcelona

Ciutat de la Justícia de Barcelona i L'Hospitalet 2002

Restricted competition for preliminary designs for the new city of justice, Barcelona and L'Hospitalet

Made-Endesa 2002

Invitational competition, organized by -Endesa and FAD, for the construction of a bioclimatic building for the new headquarters of Made-Endesa.

CEIP Pla de l'Ametller 2002

Construction of an infant and primary school in Banyoles, Girona

CEIP Pax 2002

Construction of an infant and Primary School in Tarragona.

Tomihiro Museum of Shi-Ga 2001

Competition of ideas for an Art Museum in Azuma, Japan

CEIP El Pi 1996

Rehabilitation of an existing building into a primary school, and urbanization of the surrounding environment

Seu COAG Lugo 1996

New headquarters of the Lugo chapter of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Galicia

Palau Castanyer 1018

Rehabilitation of a building located in Boters st. to a commercial use

Estació de Autobusos de Martorell